Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding New Music, Etc.

Lennon left to go on the big slam poetry tour on Monday, so if we weren't out of each other's lives before, we certainly are now.  I think he's in Kansas City right now.

I feel oddly situated between feeling lonely (with no real reason - I've had lots of great company; probably just lonely from being out of a relationship for a new record length of time - and no boy "on call" to be a pseudo-boyfriend if wanted), and stressed from being busy.  Going out every night is not for me - I require lots of at home with my puppy dog time. I've started scheduling "things to do alone" on my calendar just as I would plans with other people.  This Saturday I'm finally getting an Austin library card, there's the farmer's markets I'm yet to visit, a few concerts I want to attend... and I told myself I'm going to man up and go out one evening to bar/pub/coffee shop I like and sit with a beer and my book and work on not feeling vulnerable or like everyone's looking at me wondering if I actually have any friends or if I'm some sort of social pariah. 

This song is Daughter by Magic Man, and I really like it.  The whole album is available for free download here.

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Kayla Lane said...

I love going to coffee shops by myself! I always get more work done than if I was alone at my desk at home. Plus, the people watching is supreme. Do it!!!

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