Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neon Indian at Emo's - photos in Venus Zine

I got a press pass to go see Neon Indian at Emo's on Monday night, and after suffering some serious heat and sweat being pressed in the almost front row, (damn teenagers staked out before me...), I really enjoyed their show.  My friend Scott from Little Rock told me about them months ago, so when the chance to cover them in concert came up I jumped at it.  I didn't do the writing for this show, but I did take the pictures.  I was having some movement issues, partially fueled by my constant worry of passing out from dehydration and heat stroke, so I'm not super proud of these pictures, but I really enjoyed getting to take them, (being old and a hypochondriac aside).  You can read the article and see my published pictures here.  

My next Venus Zine coverage will be for Matt Pond and Wintersleep (I reviewed their recent album and really liked it) at Mohawk, and then Robert Plant in July.  Then I bought tickets today for The New Pornographers with the DoDo's, and mewithoutyou to attend just for fun - four shows I'm really looking forward to.

When they hung up the shower curtain and t-shirts I'd kind of hoped there would be paint thrown.  Also, props to the damn teenagers for bringing glow sticks and throwing them out to the audience behind us... they somehow fit a million in their purses. 


Hippie Frou Frou said...

COOOL! i really dig them, lucky You!

ps///saw that we have the whole "military brat" thing in common :))

jess s//

Illyana Boc said...

It's so cool to see these pictures after two years. I was at this show front row and remember it so well. The girls next to me that brought the glow sticks were at the MGMT show the day before standing next to us again (coincidentally). It was a lot of fun!

Illyana Boc said...
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