Monday, August 2, 2010

Tired & Uninspired

My summer as a teen program coordinator/counselor are over, and it's time to get ready for the school year.  Since I'll be taking over the program at a new school, I'll have to reorient myself to everything - the teachers, navigating the school, resources, new program offerings, and of course, the students.  I'm really excited to start but have to survive a month of trainings and meetings first, (today is the one year anniversary of my job with the Boys and Girls Club).

I have to admit in terms of writing, photographing, blogging, and even thinking, I've been inexplicably uninspired and discouraged.  Fashion blogging is fun, but I feel so weird having a blog that ends up being nearly 100% dedicated to pictures of me, even if as a model, I'm second to the clothes.  Maybe my internal critic is far too harsh.  No one can argue, though, that clothes can completely dictate how you feel in them.  A blah outfit makes me feel equally blah and want to be invisible.  In wanting to amplify my current emotional state from the doldrums, I'm typing this while wearing camp shorts and Cole Haan 4" heels, (from back when I could afford the occasional pair of Cole Haan).  It's actually working.

I think a lot of my lack luster enthusiasm and thinking capacity stems from a case of PMS (TMI? oh well), and the fact that rather than feeling inspiration from other bloggers, writers, artists, etc, I often get a sinking feeling of not being able to measure up - that's terrible - I know.  Hopefully in a week I'll snap out of it.  Regardless, I wore this dress on a movie date a while back.  It was a $20 splurge from Target and I love it, except one of the straps already popped off and had to be sewn back on.

Dress: from Target
Locket: from my grandma
Shoes: Seychelles from years ago

Also, in my list of world's best music, I accidentally left off what should have been a contender for number one: The Gloria Record.  I played the EP A Lull in Traffic every night while falling asleep for a year after getting it.  They were an Austin band and I would pay them money to get back together, or something of value, as I don't really have money to pay them with.


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Lovely dress, pretty girl. I understand on the whole uninspired thing, especially when it is this hot out and all I want to do is sleep with the AC on.

Sam said...

That's a really pretty dress and you have a great view from your balcony. I know what you mean sometimes about not being inspired, but feeling not good enough when you see other blogs. I get that way sometimes and think mine looks ugly compared. I love your blog from the design, writing, photos and music. Everything works great and really gives a feel for who you are.

Chaucee said...

I really love this outfit. The patterns are so perfect!
Also, there are days when I struggle with posting outfit pictures because it feels so awkward but in the end I do it anyways. I'm not sure why.

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I love this dress and the balcony setting. Your photos are beautiful.

I feel the same way with my blog sometimes -- not feeling like I measure up if I wear a similar outfit over and over, not knowing what to say everyday. I know I don't comment very often, but I enjoy reading your blog because it seems to really reflect who you are.

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