Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Long Shot & My Top Tens

So I've taken the long shot of applying to write for Pitchfork.  Probably won't happen - I do not delude myself.  I consider myself a padawan in terms of music writing, but I pride myself in recognizing how much I have to learn and improve (in all things).  The time I spent making my application wasn't a waste, regardless, though, as I compiled a few top-ten lists I'd like to share, (debate?).  I feel like John Cusack in High Fidelity making these, although he only went to five, (slacker).

My Top 10 Albums of 2010 (no order):

  1. 1.       Wintersleep: New Inheritors
  2. 2.       Holly Miranda: The Magician’s Private Library
  3. 3.       Free Lance Whales: Weathervanes
  4. 4.       Fanfarlo EP
  5. 5.       The National: High Violet
  6. 6.       Quiet Company: Songs for Staying In
  7. 7.       Magic Man: Real Life Color
  8. 8.       Band of Horses: Infinite Arms
  9. 9.       Suckers: Wild Smile
  10. 10.  Good Old War: Good Old War

My Top 10 Tracks of 2010 (no order):

  1. 1.       Hanna (Freelance Whales)
  2. 2.       Atlas (Fanfarlo)
  3. 3.       Mirror Matter (Wintersleep)
  4. 4.       Sleep on Fire (Holly Miranda)
  5. 5.       Daughter (Magic Man)
  6. 6.       My Body (Young the Giant)
  7. 7.       Martha (Suckers)
  8. 8.       Totuus minusta (Regina)
  9. 9.       My Own Sinking Ship (Good Old War)
  10. 10.   Your Love (Keane)

My Top 10 Albums of All Recent Time:

  1. 1.       The Jealous Girlfriends: The Jealous Girlfriends
  2. 2.       Ludo: Broken Bride
  3. 3.       The National: Boxer
  4. 4.       The Get Up Kids: Something to Write Home About
  5. 5.       Hot Water Music/Alkaline Trio
  6. 6.       Mineral: The Power of Failing
  7. 7.       Band of Horses: Our Swords
  8. 8.       The Format: Interventions + Lullabies
  9. 9.       The Walkmen: Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone
  10. 10.   Grand Serenade: Lean Times

    Let's play the High Fidelity game: do you have a top ten list of albums, bands, or tracks?  I'd love to see it.

    I really wanted to have pictures of The New Pornographers show from Friday night at Stubb's, but thanks to Stubb's discriminatory camera policy, I have none.  I drove back from Little Rock to make it to the show by 8pm.  I barely made it, (9 hour drive), had to park in way far away east Austin, had only my wallet, my camera, and a water bottle in my bag, walked the long way to Stubb's, and was turned away at the door because my camera had an interchangeable lens.  Excuse me?  By the time I walked back to my car, hid my camera under a seat, debated going back, decided to with coaxing via text, and walked all the way back, I'd missed The Dodo's, and was thoroughly ticked, and will probably hold a grudge against Stubb's for a long time, because that's how I roll.  Luckily, Ludo will be playing at Emo's, and that's a show I might have gotten over my grudge to go see, begrudgingly.

So I leave you with the ultimate hipster video and a song I really like: Totuus minusta by Finish band Regina. Complete with bear costume, and cake.  And puppets.

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