Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Goal Oriented

One of my favorite Austin blogs, Hipstercrite, written by Lauren, posted about five and ten year goals as revisited by someone past the ripe age of 25.  This makes me hyperventilate a little.  Here at the house-sitting house, where there is cable, I fall into the trap of watching HGTV.  On these home buying shows, perfectly composed nearly-30's purchase townhouses for half a million dollars and look like they walked out of a Talbots catalog.   I missed the instruction manual on how to be that perfect.  I still dream about the perfect pair of boots to wear to a concert to not get my toes stepped on while still looking feminine.  Not cardigans with rosettes.

At 26, I've had to do a lot of restructuring of my long term goals as I realize some of my initial goals, like, marrying a millionaire so I can be an agoraphobic eccentric novelist, are not going to pan out.  How does a person make goals when they keep changing?  With Lennon telling me all about his explorations of DC these past few days, it's had the effect of reminding me how much I would love, love, love to run the education program at a museum.  Like, say, one of the fifty thousand Smithsonians up in DC, (and I'd love to live there again).  If I could get to that position, and write for some (any!) publication, and have a closet full of pretty shoes, and a garden that actually produces a tomato, I'd like to think I'd feel accomplished in life.

But, if I ever should get engaged again, that could throw a wrench in things - having to accommodate a husband's career and what not.  Sounds like a hassle!  I really do want children, but I certainly see enough of them during the day, and when they start to get cranky I send them home, (like today!  goodness kids get cranky when you ask them to clean things as a service project), and then I can go spend my take home pay on a new dress instead of baby things.  I'm O.K. with this arrangement at present.  That, and coming home to Bella.

Do you have a five or ten year plan?



Anonymous said...

I do have many, many goals that I want to make happen.. Ranging from 5 to 10 years both. Sometimes I feel like my goals are too high to reach, and other times I feel so inspired like I can make them happen tomorrow. I think sometimes I fear going after the things I want in life. I fear failure. But deep down in my heart, I know, that I am meant for greatness, and every time I say that to myself, I instantly feel motivated.
5 years:
*Start my own business
*Engagement to current boyfriend
*Get a degree in Business.
.. those are a few of the major ones.. I have little ones too, like getting a puppy, finish decorating my (soon-to-be) new home, getting a new car, & taking a few trips to places I've never been.

As for 10 years, I'm still thinking on it.
but expansion of my business to other places is one of them, and having a child or two is a definite for me. [or so I hope]
= )


thedirtyknitter said...

whatever you plan - you can be sure at least 1/2 of it will go wrong... no, not wrong..different. be happy in your life and strive toward goals you have so that you can be on a good path - but to make a list and not feel "right" if you don't finish it would be a waste of a life i think...

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