Friday, July 22, 2011

CSA Box Week Two

I picked up Mike and I's CSA box from Whole Foods yesterday, and these were the contents:

Sweet & Hot Peppers 

Mixed Summer Squash 
Winter Squash 

+ 6 eggs

We got short changed some onions, according to their website, but I'll forgive that, as we still have onions left over from our first box.  I haven't sat down to plan out what we'll cook using it all, plus the bits leftover from last time (including an acorn squash - I have big plans for that), but I'm hoping that between packing up the apartment this weekend, I'll find a spare moment to plan my culinary attack.

My biggest victory with getting a CSA box has not been figuring out how to use the produce, but rather, how to make it all fit in the fridge!  With help from Wal-Mart's tupperware section and the Container Store, I've got a decent system going:

When I first moved in with Mike, all he really had in his fridge was mustard and beer.  Quite a change!  Also, can we talk about how labels make everything better?  The mere act of labeling what goes into the fridge helps me remember so nothing gets lost to rot in a back corner, visual reminders aside.

That big cheese wedge in the upper drawer is real Parmesan.  I have a friend who stopped speaking to me when we were in college - I don't remember why anymore - but, she spent a year in Italy prior to our friendship break-up, and one lesson she taught me upon her return: invest in real cheese.  Buy the wedge of pricey Parmesan, put it in a mini-processor and grind it up; your world will be rocked.  I have indeed been rocked, and will never go back to the powder in a green bottle some companies try to pass as cheese.

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