Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hayes Carll at Antones in Austin, TX

Last night my plans were originally to stay home, unpack my bags from holiday travels, and watch one of the new DVD's I acquired as a present.  This domesticated evening evaporated quickly when Lennon learned that Hayes Carll was going to be playing at Antone's.

When we first walked in to Antone's, there was hardly anyone there.  But after The Happenins started to play, the room swelled to capacity and I lost my camera vantage point.  I really just wanted a better look at the bassist's snazzy pant suit.

It was shortly after they stated to play that I began to sorely regret my choice of shoes.  They were not conducive to participating in the dancing that was going on!

The second band were The Sideshow Tramps.  Meaning this as the highest compliment, their garbage can drum, cigar box guitar, and other assorted home made instruments, reminded me of this bit of nostalgia from my childhood:

Emmet Otter's Jug Band.

I was digging this man's sexy vest and scarf combined with his harmonica skills.

Saw playing is a physics mystery beyond my comprehension.

This was a little segment of their set that I'd like to re-name: "schooling the boys."

While Lennon likes music in the Townes Van Zandt school unto itself, he feels a special connection to a fellow Hendrix alum, even if Hayes beat him to the stage by about eight years.

I highly recommend watching one of the videos of Hayes below.  Especially if you're a girl, because his sleepy eyes should be the only necessary motivation.  That, and his music.  If you've been around a while, you might notice a pattern in my affinity for singer-song writers on guitar, and Hayes doesn't disappoint.


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Ahh LOVE jug bands! :D You know what else I love? Rounded picture corners. :) Thank you for demonstrating just how comely those are, now I want all my pics to be rounded and as you can see have started experimenting! It's a whole new, sharp edge-less world.

Amanda said...

Picnik tells me they are the wave of Web 2.0. I say they make my internet experience less of a safety hazard, (and on a seriously practical note, make it a little more clear if anyone takes a picture without crediting it... they'd at least be faced with the difficulty of restoring the corners).

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