Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birdie Winner!

So the winner of the first ever Dishevelled Stars giveaway is.... (there's a drumroll in my head):


Comment number #24 that belongs to Ericka of Alabaster Cow!  Congratulations and I hope you love it!

Also thankyouthankyouthankyou to everyone who entered - I had so much fun picking out the giveaway item and I most certainly have plans for a second giveaway in the future.  It's kind of like a Secret Santa, except instead of not knowing who I'm getting gifts from, I didn't know who I would be giving it to! 

And for anyone who really liked the necklace, it's from SoLa in Austin, and they have two adorable stores with lots more wonderful things.

I hope everyone enjoyed MLK day, especially if they had it off, it's back to work for me!


Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!!! :)

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Yay for her!
Guess I'll just have to go to SoLa, but then that would be really embarassing if when I met you we were both wearing the necklace...so maybe not, haha. Hope you're enjoying the lovely afternoon weather!

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