Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Four Exciting Things & One Super Exciting One: The Slam is Back!

 Exciting Thing # 1

Tieka, from the incredibly beautiful blog Selective Potential, had the brilliant idea to start a feature called "The Man Behind The Camera."  Being a night owl, I caught her post calling for submissions quite quickly, and sent in all the props I have for my lovely photographer, Lennon, who I usually turn the camera on after our photo shoots to even things out.  He made it into her first round of featured photographers, (she's going to make it a regular feature, so heads up if you have a special someone taking pictures for you).  Lennon is a tall bugger, even in high heels I barely come up to his chin - one more reason I find him adorable.  Although, his light catching ears are still my favorite feature :)

Exciting Thing # 2

Again, Amy at Ha ha.  Wait.  What? is far too kind, and shares all of the awards she racks up (and deserves) with me.  I can't tell you how much they make me smile - I may need to provide photographic evidence!

This award didn't come with any rules, but I want to pass them both along to a sampling of the blogs that post frequently and always catch my eye when they do:

Is that too many?  One more!  The wild card choice - my friend, Ben - who won some type of genius-grant-type-thing to go study martial arts in Thailand.  He blogged while there and it was GREAT, but then got injured, which is not great.  I think he needs to keep writing, even state side.  As motivation for one of my favorite poets and neatest (yes, neatest) people I know, these awards also go to you, Ben:

Exciting Thing #3

I stayed up till 3AM the other night reading HTML and blog tutorials and completely revamped my page.  It is now three columns, has a nifty navigation bar, (not all of the buttons lead anywhere... yet), my favorite insect flanking all of the titles, no "blogspot" banner on top, has a pretty background, (I love orange), a centered banner, (what a headache to figure out!), and the middle column is wide enough for my pictures, (another huge headache).  But I'm done, and I'm so proud, because I am so not techy!

Also, just a reminder to some readers, if you haven't updated your links or feed readers yet, I am no longer a .blogspot address, but got a domain, so the new(ish) URL is: 

Exciting Thing #4

I finally joined the Flying Saucher's UFO club!  My friend JB joined the "ring of honor" not long ago, and being a frequent customer at the Saucer, it seemed high time to give myself a goal in going.  I really like craft beers, and I got Lennon a book on home brewing for Christmas, so we've cleaned out our under-stairs closet to get it ready to try our first batch.  One of our favorite places in Little Rock was Vino's Brew Pub, and we talk about the possibility of having our own brewery/pub/venue, some day in the distant future.

Tonight was trivia night at the Saucer, and I casualed-it-up by reverting back to my blue jean habits.  Team Lumberjzack totally lost - but with some polish we'll fare better next time!  The Razorback basketball team also lost to UT while I was there, so double boo.  

Jeans: Sevens from Buffalo Exchange
Shirt: Target
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Sperry's Top Siders

I want to start documenting (for my own recollection) the beers that I try each time I go, so thus far, I've had:

1) Shiner Bock (draught) - one of my favorites, and a Texas original.

Exciting Thing # 5

The new season of the Austin Poetry Slam kicks off tomorrow night!  It'll be every Wednesday at 8pm, and for the kick-off, my roommate Eirik, otherwise known as Big Poppa E, will be hosting.  It's only $5 at the Independent.  I'll be there after my guitar class ends, and if you're lucky, you can see both Eirik and our other room mate - Lennon - in all of their glorious (??) antics.  See evidence below:


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Where are you taking guitar class? Very cool. I love poetry slams, I'll let you know if I ever go...thanks for the award, by the way. I'm kind of enjoying my do-nothingness before school starts, but I promise to have a new blog entry by the end of the week :) take care.

daniela said...

thanks so much for the blog award nomination! :) and i really like your blog's new look.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

so many exciting things! thank you so much for the award! so awesome! i am so glad you have it as well!

love your can find the coolest stuff at buffalo exchange!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

and i guess today's overused word is "so." whoops!

Miss Vintage Vixen said...

Thank you, cupcake!
So many exciting things indeed, I love this layout and I love the awesome-sauce pictures you post!

Thank you thank you... THANK YOU!

Anna Elena said...

Nice job on the layout!

can you recommend any of the tutorials that were particularly helpful? I'd like to upgrade from blogger basic myself.

Amanda said...

@ Chelsea - Girl Guitar Austin with Mandy Rowden. I love it! I missed tonight though and I am so sad :(

@ Daniela - you're wecome and thank you!

@ Lauren Elizabeth - you're welcome too and yes! It's kind of hit and miss for me, but when it's a hit it's fabulous

Miss Vintage Vixen - you are triple welcome and thank you - I almost pulled my hair out getting the html to work!

@Anna Elena - thank you! I actually plan to make a post crediting the sites I visited for lessons, so please check back in one or two days and I'll fill you in on all the places that were most helpful!

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