Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rockin & Swappin

Saturday night was the Austin Rock N'Swap at Beauty Bar, hosted by Tolly of Austin Eavesdropper and Sarah of The Year of Living Thriftily.  I got to go with another one of my favorite bloggers: Michelle of Wicked Whimsy, and aside from great company, you know it's a good night when you have a free rum and coke in one hand, a free chocolate, caramel-stuffed cupcake in the other, and are juggling the two between shuffling through racks and stacks of free clothes that are up for grabs.  I also got to meet Indiana of Adored Austin.  Everyone I met was so warm and kind that it made it difficult for my extreme case of "the shy's" to take affect. 

These are the clothes I took in tow - two beaded shirts, one being a bit too peek-a-boob for my taste, three shirts I shrunk and can't squeeze around my expansive rib cage anymore, one dress that zipped all the way up on me many moons ago, a shirt so sparkly that Lennon laughed at me when I brought it home, and three necklaces that haven't seen daylight in over a year. 

And this is what I brought home!  Two swirly skirts, a halter top, (with quite the plunging V-neck, I may need to invest in a bandeau top), a jacket and t-shirt for Lennon, and the dress of my dreams.  I didn't bring home ten things, as I wasn't quite fast enough to grab everything that was put on a rack and made me salivate.  There was some stiff competition going down, and I feel lucky to have nabbed the finds I got. 

This is the dress I wore for the event, and it doubled as a baby shower ensemble prior to the swap.  Elizabeth, my co-director, and I, are friends with the very sweet custodian, Aurora, who has our section of the campus.  She brings us breakfast tacos and teaches me Spanish.  Her daughter-in-law is pregnant with a soon-to-be grandson, and Elizabeth and I were incredibly excited to be invited to the family event.  We got to eat spicy salsa, queso fresca, home made tortillas, and guacamole.  Our present was bi-lingual baby books from Book People, but I doubt that baby will need it, as I spent most of the afternoon being taught Spanish phrases from a 100% bi-lingual eight year old.  When I think of my high school Spanish "C," I cringe.

Dress: Jakura, from a boutique in Little Rock
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden, clearance
Brooch: from my grandmother
Necklace: ordered from Delia's in ninth grade for Izmir American High's homecoming formal

Lennon is modeling the t-shirt and jacket I brought home for him atop his PJ pants.  Being a Dallas-ite, Lennon was teased in Arkansas for his "damn state pride," so this Texas tee seemed fitting, (haha, see what I did there?).  This Gap jacket is a size large, but he'd wanted a mechanic's jacket like this from Target that didn't quite fit right.  "Doesn't fit right" is an issue at $30.00, but at $FREE, it is not.  A little hot water should fix things right up.

And remember how I said I found the dress of my dreams...

I didn't waste any time playing dress-up.  I added the scarf since the belt loops on the dress were empty, and the red brooch and heels seemed the perfect accompaniments.  I was holding my breath the whole way home that it would fit, and it did, like a charm.  I'm debating whether to keep the length or take it up, as I'd probably wear it more if it was shorter and less formal.  Any votes on the subject?

Did you go to the swap?  And if so, what'd you find!? 


chopsthewarrior said...

you picked THE worst picture of me ever.

Mrs. Lovely said...

Gorgeous dress you got! If it was about knee length I think it would be appropriate for more events (less formal looking as you say), but it's fabulous the length it is too!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I am so glad you had fun!

Michelle said...

I LOVE how excited Lennon is in that photo. Also that you can see his PJ pants. hee!

So glad the dress fit you! I agree with Mrs Lovely, I bet it would look fabulous at around knee length. I've even got a petticoat that's too small for me now, it might fit you...remind me next time we're around each other & I'll let you try it on!

amy said...

What a great dress! I think you should definitely shorten it a bit! :)

pinksundrops said...

Oh I wish I had seen you there! I saw Michelle, but was on my way out the door. I love this post! I just might have to post my finds. Wish it had been your gorgeous sundress you brought ;) . Looove that color! Can't wait for the next swap. After getting over the stress of the grab and go, I realized what an awesome and fun opportunity it was.

Amanda said...

@ Lennon - you posed like that in all three pictures I took.

@ Mrs. Lovely - Thank you! Michelle is a seamstress and she's going to doctor it up for me - I can't wait till it's finished!

@ Chelsea - I wish you would have been there! I *almost* met everyone in Austin I follow regularly - and you were one of the gals missing!

@ Michelle - haha he doesn't appreciate the visible excitement. And petticoat? Sweet!

@ Amy - thank you! and agreed, I'm already thinking of ways to get away with wearing it to work!

@ Pink Sun Drops - I know I was intimidated a bit too, but after getting home and reviewing all my stuff, I wish I'd grabbed more things! Next time. And next time we'll have to meet!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Amanda, thank you so much for this post. Not only do you look stunning in that dress, your kind words completely made my day.

I am so very pleased you had a good time at the Rock & Swap! It was lovely to meet you and Michelle, and I hope we (deliberately?) run into each other again soon. :)

Courtney said...

Make the dress shorter!! Also, I'm sorry I haven't responded to your awesome award, with the craziness involved with moving I somehow forgot I have a blog... :( It'll be updated soon!

Amanda said...

@ Tolly - it was so much fun! I've enjoyed all three of the events I've been to that you have hosted or co-hosted. It would make my day to run into you again, deliberately or otherwise.

@ Courtney - I hope you are settled in your new place - and I can't wait to see you on Sunday!! Will you be here long enough to do more than go out for mud dip?? (although I do love going out for mud dip with you)

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