Monday, April 5, 2010

Crafty Friends

Today Michelle came over and picked four outfits out for me, and we drove around Austin to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful, albeit sticky and muggy, Easter Sunday.

I'm going to wait to post the pictures of the outfits she styled for me, but when I got home I put on a skirt she made but said doesn't fit anymore, (I can hardly get it over my bum, I'm still wearing it - this may become a permanent fixture on my body if it won't come off), and went outside to pretend I'm a ballerina, (because that's what you do in a skirt with satin and netting).

Skirt: made by Michelle
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
under tank: Forever 21
Headband: from Goodie Two Shoes in Austin (I bought one in every color at $2 each)
Necklace: from a market in Izmir, Turkey
Sandals: from Dillard's

This isn't the only crafty thing Michelle has given me.  For my birthday, she gave me this adorable 20's-esque cap with a Dia De Los Muertos button:

I need to learn how to make crafty things!  I knit at work with my kids... but my skills are rather atrocious, as the scarf I've been working on at every Thursday's knitting class for the past few months can attest. 


Mel said...

Your black sandals are really cute!! Love them!!

Michelle said...

I'm blushing over here!

I am a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE teacher (when I try to teach Matt something, it usually consists of "See what I'm doing? Yeah, do that. What are you doing?! You're doing it wrong!" ahem) but I have some crocheting books you're more than welcome to borrow if you want! I've heard Debbie Stoller's books are good for knitting and in fact I own one of her crochet books and it's good, but I cannot knit, so I have no input there.

Dalena Vintage said...

Oooh! I know this place :) I agree with Mel, you're black sandals are what I'm loving about this outfit!

SarahAnn said...

Hi! Just letting you know I officially moved the Lipstick List over to my new website I know you were following The Lipstick List, so you can now get life and style updates through



P.S. That skirt is incredible! I love how you captured the bounce and twirl of it in your photos!

Sam said...

love your outfit, like always. and the cap is cute! talented friend you have!

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