Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo Floral Inspiration

Woe to any boy who dates me, I'm a flower fanatic.  So when the J.Crew spring catalog arrived, I started drooling 40% over the girly clothes, and 60% over the use of flowers and roses as props. 

Do I like those shoes, or the fact that there are pink flowers flanking them?  Hard to tell.  Well played, J.Crew...

This ornate headpiece is not in the catalog.  False advertising!

I think bouquets of flowers in my bag need to become part of my regular accessorizing routine.

Or part of by belt buckle.  Would I get weird looks if I wore cut flower stems like this?


Starr Crow said...

i love the photo from above where all the pieces are laid out. such a beautiful collection! when are you coming to town?

Amanda said...

next weekend! Pub or Perish is Saturday night at Sticky Fingerz, and I couldn't get Friday off work so I won't be there for very long :(

I'll probably leave Monday morning.

And about your bro-core question, there are bros a'plenty in Austin! No escaping them.

But I do feel as though Austin is like the Amanda-mothership in terms of wannabe hybrids between hippies and hipsters. Those are my people :)

Oranges And Apples said...

gorgeous photos!

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