Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rules of Singledom #1: Spend Time With Girlfriends

Friday night, my friend Elizabeth and I attended the "Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour" (#BATHH) at the Kung Foo Saloon on West 6th Street.  Because the universe either likes to prove me wrong, or make me happy, (sometimes both), I lamented to Elizabeth about how big Austin is, and how I can't go out and see lots of people I know like I can in Little Rock.  So I get my beer, (Young's double chocolate stout - my kind of post-breakup chocolate indulgence), turn around, and woah!  TWO people I know.  My friend Katie, of the infamous birthday scavenger hunt, and Claire, another site director for after school programming who I indirectly work with.  Sometimes being wrong is great.

Elizabeth took my outfit pictures before going out.  Thank goodness for friends!  I've started a list of things I will have to invest in when I move into my new apartment, (I'm 85% sure I'm moving into a new apartment on May 1st - please cross your fingers for me that the apartment I share with Lennon and Eirik now is leased to someone else before then).  So far, I have this:
  • Crosley Turntable - recommended by one of my supervisors at the BGC, and after photographing Record Store Day for Venus, I am even more sold on wanting one.  I'm thinking housewarming gift to myself!
  • A tripod - no more boyfriend to take my photos.  Stifling a sigh.
It is thunder storming outside right now, and it was raining last night, too.  I love rain.

Shoes: I have temporarily stolen these from Michelle!  Shhhh don't tell!
Skirt: Forever 21
T-shirt: Target
Silver bangle: found in my mom's things
Necklace: from a Little Rock boutique
Headband: Goodie Two Shoes in Austin
Umbrella: Wal-Mart

Any other rules of singledom I should be aware of and put into practice?


Michelle said...

I meant to go to the BATHH and totally forgot about it! Whoooops.

Oh and the shoes are 80%20. Which reminds me, those Michael Kors shoes I got at BX when I was with you? They're a bit big on me and I figured since your feet are a little bit bigger, they might fit you. I know you're probably short on $$ at the moment due to moving & roomies so's no pressure, but if you want 'em I'll keep them for ya for however long you need...they're just sitting in my closet, after all!

Also, let me know if you're free next weekend & want to do something. I'm feeling the need to thrift and Matt is not QUITE as enthusiastic about it as I am...

I am crossing my fingers for you and the apartment!! Good luck!

Lennon said...

pfft, ex boyfriends still take better pictures than tripods. You know you can call if you cant find a girlfriend ;-)

elizs said...

I'm glad the photos came out okay! I think the hip-pop shot is my fave. =)

Mrs. Lovely said...

You look adorable!

You should do whatever makes you happy right now!

Kirsty said...

I love your tattoos!

Also, rules of singledom...
- listen to Alanis Morisette at least once a week and jump up and down on your bed at the same time
- get back in touch with old friends - it's amazing how much better you'll feel with a pile of letters waiting for you when you get home
- buy a red dress, trust me, it works

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