Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dallas World Aquarium

While I think its proper name should be the "Dallas Indoor Rain forest," I had a great time today at the Dallas World Aquarium with Lennon.  We spent our Valentines Day sleeping in, eating waffles his dad made us for breakfast, (lunch), visiting the giant crocodile and his friends, thrifting at Zola's and Buffalo Exchange, and eating way too much at the original Spaghetti Warehouse in the West End.  He even bought me flowers - by accident - but I'll still count it.  Can a Valentines Day be better?

I also got great advice from my teacher friend Cat in Japan: if you get into a fight, start singing instead of talking, because it's harder to be mean and on edge if you're singing your grievances.  Now we are watching the Olympics with his dad and what do you know is on - pairs skating!

I didn't take a proper outfit photo - so here is me standing in front of jungle foliage in the giant green house.

Dress: from Buffalo Exchange
Boots: from Buffalo Exchange
Long sleeve tee: J. Crew
Cardigan: Target
Necklace: olive branch & dove from Little Rock
Purse: Target circa four years ago

While I enjoyed the aquarium immensely, I left disappointed thinking it lacked a sufficient amount of 100% aquatic life.  It beats the pants off of the D.C. National Aquarium, but it falls short of the Boston Aquarium with it's cylindrical tank that stands as the pillar around which all of the exhibits wrap.  The Boston Aquarium also had a jelly fish exhibit when I was there, turtles bigger than me, and at least ten tanks on every level.  Dallas - no hard feelings - just change the misnomer, and maybe don't charge $20 when I can see an indoor rain forest at the zoo for cheaper.

Enough talk, here are my pictures:

The shark tank was a walk through tunnel.  I had a difficult time taking pictures, so I decided to give up and take a video.  The best part is the smiling sting ray with big eyes and a bigger nose that glides by at the end.  And if it isn't immediately clear from the video, the whole place was ridiculously crowded.

The sea otters were sadly absent from their pen, and the video below, (filmed by a lucky visitor in 2007), may explain why.  I have unofficially titled it: "Escape from Ott-Catraz!"

I hope you all had a fabulous day, and if not, then I hope tomorrow makes up for it.  Check out Gala's 100 Ways to Love Yourself if you need some help making your day better, (even if it's already bursting with awesome). 


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I love your outfit! I haven't been to that aquarium in forever, I really need to go back! Sounds like you had a lovely day!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Grant said...

I went to there last March. That Leopard was so depressing. He peed all over the glass about 5 different times. Poor guy. I liked the jelly fish and the shark tunnel tank the most. The penguins were cool but really stinky.

Michelle said...

That dress is effing gorgeous!

I like aquariums. I feel less sorry for the animals than if we go to zoos, it seems like they have more adequate facilities and stuff. Except when we were at the aquarium in Chicago, I swear there was some kind of gas or weird pressure thing going on on the bottom floor - both Matt and I kept getting all dizzy! /weirdnonrelatedstory

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