Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Can I count the whole weekend as a giant 26th birthday festivus? I'm going to!

So far: had a smooth day at work on Friday after a window-smashing incident on Thursday, went out to dinner with Michelle of Wicked Whimsy and Indiana of Adored Austin at Koriente, attended the Fashion Freakout at Mohawk with those lovely girls and my friend Katie, drank free vodka cocktails, got great pictures being front and center during the show, (so great I'm even in the news page's pictures with my camera snapping away), drooled over the swag bags that were so close yet so far, said hi to Tolly because I think she's great too, then got a free beer at the Dog & Duck Pub because the bar tenders there ROCK, then Lennon made my tipsy-self spiced potatoes and a fried egg for a 3AM snack.  Then today, lunch at my FAVORITE place: Taco Bueno with Michelle and her husband, Lennon made me mac n'cheese for dinner, and I'm working on a chipotle chocolate cake with Nutella-cream-cheese frosting I can hopefully feed to some chocolate loving friends.  Then it's downtown time!  Woot!

Dress: Cecico
Long sleeve tee: Target
Cardigan: Target
Belt: from a Little Rock boutique
Shoes: from Dillards
Jeans: Citizens
Necklace: from Francesca's

I got one picture of myself with three beautiful girls, and it turned out completely white!  I'm so sad...  (Luckily my gazillion photos of the show turned out great, expect to see lots of those soon).  And since it's my birthday and all...

I'll cry if I want to!

Or whine about the sun being in my eyes during photo time.  Now back to my cake baking.  Happy February 6th!  And if you're a follower of my blog, or a commenter, or a lurker who only shows up in my stats, then I just want you to know that you are the best birthday "gift" a blogging girl could ever ask for!  Thank you so much for coming by.

Oh, and the second best present is definitely the worm composting kit my dad and step-mom got me.  I can not WAIT to get started making dirt!!  I'm going to have a gorgeous tomato plant for my salsa. 


Ana from far away! said...

Happy bday! Hope you had a great time! Love your outfit!

Sidewalk Chalk said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like you've already had a great start to your weekend. I love Indiana from Adored cool you hang out with her.

I love your jeans/dress unique and I love the bright colors. Congrats on that composting kit and have a great rest of the weekend.

- JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

Sam said...


Mikhaila said...

Happy Birthday!

Julia said...

happy happy birthday! or feliz cumpleanos, as they say here in Spain. I hope your next year is full of joy, good fortune, and new experiences!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday!! :D

Grant said...

Right now I just save all my stuff in a plastic bag in the freezer. Then when the bag gets full I put it outside and leave it in the bag for about two weeks. It will decompose faster in a bag. After two weeks it goes onto my dirt pile. I would like to check out worm composting. How much are those worm kits?

I want to see some pictures of the cake. Cheers to being 26.

Kuri said...

Happy birthday! I love this outfit SO much! And your doggie is a total cutie as well! Enjoy your first week as a 26 year old =)

DalenaVintage said...

Happy birthday weekend! Glad to hear you had fun...Those roses are simply gorgeous!

Amanda said...

@ Ana - thank you double! And it's been an amazing weekend!

@ JoAnn - thank you and I hope to be posting the results of my compost kit in the future - the web site calls the dirt "black gold"

@ Sam - I had Taco Bueno TWICE so it was double fabulous!

@ Mikhaila - thank you girl!

@ Julia - that's so sweet! Thank you! Where in Spain are you? I studied abroad there in college and loved it

@ Michelle - thank you for helping me celebrate it!!

@ Grant - that's a really really good idea. And oh don't worry, there are pictures! And tons left over, it's too rich to eat much at a time

@ Kuri - aww thank you! Orange is my favorite color!

@ Dalena - thank you, I love love love colored roses! Especially the warm colors

amy said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!

PS. Cute outfit! :)

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