Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Valentine? Radical Self Love!

I suppose any one who runs a blog about themselves is automatically categorized as fully self-loving.  I sort of disagree.  Yes, I respect myself, and I am happy with where I am in life right now, but if I had confidence, I wouldn't be posting my thoughts and pictures to the safety of a non-reactive screen, I'd be on stage slamming poems, writing songs for the guitar, and working on my fiction.  Blogging is much safer, easier, and offers a far slimmer chance of tangible failure.  While I love blogging, I need to bust-a-rut of holding back in my non-cyber life and practice the sagely and tired advice of: accept failing as a possibility, and go forth anyway. 

The first blog I ever started reading that wasn't a live journal was Gala Darling's.  This month, she's proposing a project of "radical" proportions: stop trying to please others, and make the world better by being our best and true selves.  Sounds good to me.  I'm certainly lucky to have a boyfriend as my Valentine this year, but I'm completely on board with her proposition to be my my own "Valentine," and light up the world through acceptance and love, starting with ground zero.

"I’m delighted to announce that from now until the 28th of the month, in addition to your regular content, I’ll be dishing out tips on how to really truly madly deeply fall in love with yourself! Topics will range far & wide. Girl love...honoring & respecting yourself, positive self-talk, being assertive, manifesting your own dream girl persona & self-marriage are all up for grabs! Homework will be assigned (though it is totally optional, of course!), & I’ll be asking you to participate by sending in photos, stories & spreading the word!"  - Gala
Sounds great!  Speaking of self-love, while outfit photos may seem silly to some, it really is worthwhile to have the motivation to not dress like a slob everyday, and walk into a public space not feeling invisible and sloppy.  The clothes don't make the man by any means, but they can help make the attitude.  Self-love made manifest round one! 

My attitude is triple improved in this outfit, because I got the skirt for free at Tolly's Rock N'Swap last Saturday!

Skirt: free and snagged at the Austin Rock N' Swap
Boots: Hunter
Hoodie: Fossil (note those awesome pockets!)
Cardigan: Gap
Tank: Banana Republic (can I be any more preppy?)
Dove necklace: from Little Rock
Butterfly necklace: from Etsy
Rain: delightful

My photographer makes me feel very pretty.  What makes you feel beautiful?

If you're wanting to throw embarrassment, self-consciousness, any any other suffocating hang-ups to the proverbial wind, consider participating in the radical-self-love challenge, and swing by here!


Anonymous said...

oh wow I am loving this post :) it is one of the best posts I have read by far :) I will sure be checking your blog for new updates on how to be your own valentine this February :) !

Jonny Stranger said...

If you don't love yourself, you can't love others. Love the boots!

Kuri said...

You are so cute! You remind me of Emma Stone =)

emily kendall said...

i'm also doing the radical self-love challenge! and i definitely disagree about all bloggers automatically being self loving... but that might be just me. ;) hope it goes well for you too!

Sam said...

I love this challenge! I might try it.

{eleise} said...

Cute outfit!

Amanda said...

@ Moi - thank you! Gala just posted her first "homework" assignment at, so be sure to go by!

@ Jonny - 100% agreed, and awww thank you! You should come to Fashion Freakout tonight Mr. Vintage Man

@ Kuri - I just looked up her picture - YOU are too nice! I see it in the big cheeks though - I love it!

@ Emily - thank you and good luck to you too! We should keep each other posted on progress!

@ Sam - please do! We can all have a support ring

@ eleise - thank you ma'am!

erin meagan said...

so pretty! i like that skirt a lot too :)

Kim Bishop said...

Great outfit! I love your wellies.

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