Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Playing Guitar Live Tonight!

And my name is on the flier and everything... how cool is that!?

It's a fundraising event for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Austin, so use that as your excuse to come eat dinner at Hangtown Grill!

It's sort of a weird deal where you have to print and take in this flier to benefit the BGC.  The Facebook invite with times, etc, is here.

I can only play covers at present, but I hope that changes in the next several months.  I'm taking Mandy's intermediate class with Girl Guitar right now, and she also offers songwriting, vocal harmonies, alternate tunings, advanced classes... I want to take all of them.  I may take a break from guitar class after this session is over and work with a voice teacher, though.  Despite doing choir throughout middle school and Jr. High, I can't remember when to breathe, how to maintain a key... you know, just the important stuff. 

Anyway, here's a simple song I learned yesterday that I may play tonight, "An Attempt To Tip The Scales" by Bright Eyes, (although I don't think he even strums it when he does it, so this is the Amanda version):

I should really stop wearing pajamas all the time. Or, just record myself in the morning as opposed to midnight.  But that would also require waking up for the morning.  Dilemma.  


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

The "Amanda version" is awesome. Good luck!

J to the ewels said...

I'll have extra fliers for those who forget theirs! Can't wait to hear all the Amanda versions of your cover songs!

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