Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Got Old Man Shoes

I still can't decide if I think these shoes are cute or look stolen from a geriatric gentleman, but they do add a vintage look to this, or probably any, outfit.

I didn't want to wear tights as I was afraid of looking like a doll, but it was too cold to go without.  Then I got to work and Elizabeth told me I looked like an American Girl Doll.  I had Felicity, Samantha, and Girl Of Today (Abby), thank you very much.  A student later told me I looked like Alice in Wonderland.  I am going to see that Saturday... but I plan on going as the Queen of Hearts in my new thrifted (threw!) red dress.

My grandpa doesn't actually wear shoes like this.  He's more of a white tennis shoe kind of guy.

This brooch, is, in fact, my grandmother's, though.  (Well, not anymore... long term loan).

Skirt: Target
Jacket: White House Black Market
Tee: Target
Brooch: Grandma
Tights: Target
Necklace: gift from high school sweetheart
Shoes: from SoLa

And I'm sure when I actually am old, this is how I'll look at kids who step on my lawn.  Snarly face.

This look works for me now.  I should buy a cane.  And get a chia pet.


Joye or not joy? said...

I like the shoes and i think you wear them well.

Sam said...

I LOVE those shoes! So cute!

Sarah said...

Haha! That is one snarly old man face! The shoes are GREAT! The whole outfit is just perfect :)

<3 Sarah Westervin

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

The brooch is gorgeous! And I like your shoes, old man's or not.

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I really like those shoes, also love shopping at SoLa!

Eliz said...

C'mon... tell the stories related to your skirt!!!

Amanda said...

ah I forgot! I actually meant to tell the story, because you know, flashing a hallway of teenagers is so fun...

stupid wind! stupid swirly skirt! stupid stripey panties! stupid suction cup door!

at least it wasn't a thong day, so you know, there's always a bright side.

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