Friday, March 5, 2010

Skinny Pants

Two bloggers I really like recently posted outfit photos with skinny pants - a pant I swore I'd never own.

But they both look so cute... and I have blazers... and heels... and scarfs... I may have to try on a pair.  Are they only for skinny people?  Hence the name?  This is why I've avoided them for so long.

Krystal from This Time Tomorrow looking lovely in leopard (see what I did there?).

Katy from Kansas Couture looking equally adorable - and I want her shoes!  Notice she is also working a black and white striped shirt, and it definitely doesn't look referee-ish.  I should take notes.

So the question, that while not-so-important in the grand scheme, is putting pressure on my wallet: to skinny or not to skinny?  My bootcuts might get jealous.

1)  Guess Jeans

2) Urban Outfitters

3) Citizens from Nordstrom

4) Forever 21

Ok, now for expending so much energy contemplating trousers, I shall go do penance and read CNN.  (Actually, proper punishing penance would be Fox News...)


Allison Noelle said...

I was afraid to do the "skinny" because I have a small waste and quite the hips.. But I finally caved in and they are now my 'go to' pants. As long as you are careful about what you pair them with they will look great! I wear mine with boots or heels (wearing flats makes me look like a clown!).. They work great when you want to dress up or down. I think you should give them a try!

elizs said...

Bad health effects from skinny jeans:

Ick. =(

mai said...

ibought my skinny jeans at dillards/macys. they were 19 bucks. i think if you are trying to ease up on the wallet the best thing is to dig through sales (and get coupons) at macys and dillards. they have tons of name brands for cheaper than the actual stores.

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