Sunday, March 21, 2010

Punk Rock Pink Lady + A Few Awards To Give

While I might have said I wanted leather pants after seeing The Runaways, I'll stick with my new pleather (go veggies) biker jacket that I found for less that $50 on South Congress yesterday.  It makes me feel like a rock star!  Or at least sort of punk rock... girlie punk rock...

I wish I could say it wasn't cool enough to wear this jacket today, but such was not the case.  At least I'm not back in Fayetteville, AR right now - they're under ten inches of snow, and tomorrow's their first day of spring break!  I couldn't handle that much snow, except for maybe two days a year. 

Despite today's chill, I'll be happy regardless because of the lovely sun and the red bud trees blooming all over the city like this one outside of my church - which was the most amazing SXSW venue - lots of pictures to come soon.

Jacket: Better B from Goodie Two Shoes
Black Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Pink Shirt: Old Navy
White Tank: Forever 21
Jeans: Citizens
Headband: Charlotte Rouse
Shoes: Target
Socks: Target
Necklace: Accessory City in Little Rock

I was tagged by the incredibly adorable (and delicate in a lovely way) Rachel at Walls Are Imagined to list ten things I love.  Narrowing down the list could be difficult...

10 things that I love, in no particular order:

1) Being a puppy owner
2) Antique books.  And new books.  And used books.  And library books...
3) Pizza, beer, and movies on the couch.  Preferably in flannel pants.
4) On the rare morning when I can get out of bed, I actually love running early. 
5) Live music.  Or music on my ipod, on the radio, holding a guitar and making my own...
6) Having a clean home.  This is SO hard having a dog, and being notorious for leaving laundry out.
7) My pink laptop.  Especially typing on it.
8) Sushi.  My favorite is the kind with mango or kiwi on it.  Where in Austin does this!?
9) Meeting nice people.  There were so many nice people at SXSW, and I sold a lot of them water and cookies.
10) Paper products - magazine pages, stationary, card stock, painted vellum...
11) Can I cheat and add an 11?  I love pushing the clocks back in the spring, because I love sunlight, especially evening sunlight, and now it's lasting later and later.

I tag:

Jennifer of First Comes Love
Starr of A Thought is the Blossom
Amy of Ha Ha Wait What
Lauralee of Martinis and String Bikinis
Sam of Simply Sam
Erica of Alabaster Cow
Michelle of Wicked Whimsy
Grant of Austin Carnivore
Tolly of Austin Eavesdropper

And since this tag didn't seem to come with a badge or anything, I decided to make my own!  So for all those tags, and Rachel for tagging me, feel free to post this up and brag about it, because I worked hard to make it and you earned it:


Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyy! thank you :) and you're pretty super awesome at making that badge by the by.

Mrs. Lovely said...

That headband is awesome and I too have a pink laptop. :)

Pia said...

Thank you for tagging me!! The badge looks awesome!

I love your leather jacket. I wish I could wear leather jackets, but I just can't pull them off. I look ridiculous wearing them and they make my head look tiny.

lauralee said...

Why thank you cousin!! I *love* you!!! :) I also quite enjoy watching movies on the couch in flannel pj pants...especially my extremely old comfy ones that have a razorback on them (compliments of dear ol dad :) )

Grant said...

wonderful. Now I will have something to write about on wednesday.

Michelle said...

Yay, thank you! :D

Sushi comes with kiwi or mango? That sounds...weird. If we go get sushi, I do not want to try that.

Jonny Stranger said...

Go Hellcats!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

WAIT. How in the world did I miss this post?! Girl, thank you!! This is so sweet! I am flattered and think you rock pretty hard yourself. :D

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