Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW & A Few Excuses

This week has been the SXSW music festival in Austin, (and a film fest, and a technology fest).  Next year - I'm taking the WHOLE week off.  I'm used to doing my blog posts either before work, around 10AM, or after, staying up super late because I can sleep in.  This 8:30-5:30 stuff has been killing me! But Monday is back to work, and back to routines.

In my absence, I've acquired a laundry list of pictures and topics I will be posting soon:
  • New Media Fashion Brunch
  • TXRD Hell Cats video
  • I met the filmmaker of The Taqwacores while in line for free beer!!
  • Austin Carnivalle
  • The Type Writer Museum & the many uses of pink tape
  • Band of Horses
  • Holly Miranda - I sat next to her!
  • JJ
  • The XX - Lennon sold them coffee!  They're nice!
  • + MORE!!  (I sound like a playbill)
  • Oh, and some outfits.
So until time alots itself for writing, (Sunday night I hope), seeing as I've got a big day planned with Michelle tomorrow, and some churchy things on Sunday afternoon that involve baked goods, I leave you with this:

Example why your momma told you to always wear a slip.



Sam said...

haha, that pic is hilarious! poor girl :) I've heard a lot of chit chat about this SXSW thingy, I know it's featured on youtube right now. I wish I could have gone!

Starr Crow said...

i wanna be there right now!! so jealous.

that's funny you asked about Hannah. she did work at Gap, and she does know scott. he calls and texts her all the time... STILL! she quit that job a year ago and now he sends her mean text messages b/c she won't answer any of them. she says they never dated or hung out or anything. kind of a weird situation....

do shoot me an email when you get in town!

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